Loading VESL


Tips and tricks for getting VESL working on your particular platform, operating system, and Web browser.

Reload the Page

Our simulations use some rather large assets, some of which may not load in time to be used by another asset. As such, your first troubleshooting step should be to simply reload the page.

Refresh the Browser Cache for Our Site

Your Web browser caches site content and this is usually a good thing: it reduces page load time on subsequent visits. However, sometimes this can result in assets that are out of date. If you have previously visited our site and you are now getting an error message, a good initial troubleshooting step is to refresh your browser cache, which can be done via one of the following methods.

  1. Many desktop browsers offer a shortcut for forcing a cache refresh for the current page. We have listed such shortcuts for some of the major operating system and browser combinations here for your convenience.
    • MacOS
      • Chrome: Command + Shift + R
      • Firefox: Command + Shift + R
      • Safari: Option + Command + E; Command + R
    • Ubuntu Linux
      • Chrome: Control + F5
      • Firefox: Control + F5
    • Windows
      • Chrome: Control + Shift + F5
      • Firefox: Control + F5
      • Microsoft Edge: Control + F5
  2. On some desktop Web browsers and on mobile devices, you may have to refresh the page cache manually. There are various resources elsewhere online that instruct how to do so for your particular device and/or Web browser.

Update Your Web Browser

If your operating system and/or Web browser is/are not up to date, we cannot guarantee that our site will work as intended.

Known Issues

We are aware of issues with the following platform, operating system, and Web browser combinations and are actively working on fixes.

  • Apple iPad
    • iOS 12, Chrome Mobile 74
  • Apple iPhone
    • iOS 11, Safari 11
    • iOS 12, Safari 12
    • iOS 12, Chrome Mobile 74
  • Android Phones
    • Android 9, Chrome Mobile 74
    • Samsung, Android 8, Samsung Internet 9
  • Mac
    • MacOS 10.11, Safari 11
    • MacOS 10.12, Opera 58
    • MacOS 10.14, Firefox 56
  • PC
    • Windows 8, Chrome 74
    • Windows 10
      • Chrome 74
      • Microsoft Edge 17
    • Windows Server 2008, Chrome 71

If you are using one of the combinations above and have encountered an issue, please try to view the page in a different browser, and if the issue persists, on a different device.


If you have any suggestions for improvements to this page, please send us an email.