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Solid Earth Deep Earth: Our Planet's Interior

Simulations of processes undergone by Earth's lithosphere and mantle Simulate alterations in Earth's crust, and the underlying rock layer known as the mantle

Here you will find simulations related to Earth's interior. This includes models of geothermal heat flux and their impact on the thermal profile of polar ice sheets, models of mantle plumes under the ice, models of Glacio-Isostatic Rebound, and other models related to processes undergone by the earth lithosphere and mantle.

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Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Post-Glacial Rebound

Present-day GIA trends (gravity, uplift and geoid). Statistics (expectation and standard deviation) were derived from a Bayesian ensemble of 100,000 models constrained by a global data set of relative sea level and GPS data.

Earth's crust is rebounding slowly, over thousands of years, from the heavy burden of the last ice age. This simulation allows mapping of these trends across Earth's surface with the help of planet-wide GPS and sea level data, along with an ensemble of 100,000 computer models.

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Greenland Geothermal Sensitivity Greenland's Response to Internal Heat

This simulation of Greenland explores the sensitivity of melt-rate and temperature at the ice/bed interface to geothermal heat flux distribution.

Explore the way Greenland's ice responds to temperature changes in the rock upon which it rests, caused by heat from Earth's interior.