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Sea Level Sea Level

Simulations of sea-level rise and contribution from the cryosphere Simulate sea-level rise and how it is affected by changes in Earth's icy regions

Model the evolution of sea level over the entire Earth, and understand the contribution of glaciers and polar ice caps to its rise or decline in a changing climate.

Alter sea levels across planet Earth, and watch them rise or fall in response to changing glaciers and polar ice caps — and a changing climate.

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Coastline Retreat From Sea-Level Rise Sea Level: Amount and Extent of Ocean Water

This model quantifies the impact of Antarctica and Greenland melt on the coastlines of several states in the US assuming the so-called bath-tub model (sea level is evenly distributed over the entire oceans as though Earth is a nongravitating, nonrotating, rigid planet).

Melting ice in Antarctica and Greenland can change the mass and volume of ocean water, affecting sea levels on U.S. coastlines.

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Gradient Fingerprint Mapping Sea Level "Fingerprints"

Gradient fingerprint mapping of local sea level with respect to ice thickness changes over all glaciated areas of the world.

Melting ice can change the gravitational profile of Earth's surface, with counter-intuitive effects: lower sea levels close to the melting mass, and higher levels farther away.

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Global Relative Sea-Level Rise Local Sea Level

This model computes local sea level rise (or decrease) using GRACE observations of melt in Greenland and Antarctica, for present-day.

Observations of melting ice from NASA's twin GRACE satellites, which measured gravitational changes, were used in this simulation of local variations in sea level.

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Slowdown in Antarctic Mass Loss from Solid Earth and Sea-Level Feedbacks Slowdown in Antarctica Contribution to Sea Level because of Ground Elastic Rebound

Results of a new study on negative feedbacks from Solid Earth and Sea-Level processes on grounding line retreat in Antarctica, along with corresponding impacts on the contribution of Thwaites Glacier to future sea-level rise.

Explore how Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica will thin in the future and contribute to sea-level rise around the world. Understand how elastic rebound of the bedrock underneath this glacier is slowing it down.

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Polar Motion Polar Motion

Model the observed polar motion and estimated contribution from various factors for a time series.

Model the observed polar motion and estimated contribution from various factors for a time series.