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Sea Level

Simulations of Sea Level Rise and Contribution from the Cryosphere

Model the evolution of sea level over the entire Earth, and understand the contribution of glaciers and polar ice caps to its rise or decline in a changing climate.

Preview of Coastline Retreat From Sea Level Rise simulation
Coastline Retreat From Sea Level Rise
This model quantifies the impact of Antarctica and Greenland melt on the coastlines of several states in the US assuming the so-called bath-tub model ( sea level is evenly distributed over the entire oceans as though Earth is a nongravitating, nonrotating, rigid planet).
Preview of Global Relative Sea Level Rise simulation
Global Relative Sea Level Rise
This model computes local sea level rise (or decrease) using GRACE observations of melt in Greenland and Antarctica, for present-day.
Preview of Gradient Fingerprint Mapping simulation
Gradient Fingerprint Mapping
Gradient fingerprint mapping of local sea level with respect to ice thickness changes over all glaciated areas of the world.