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Ice Sheets Ice Sheets

Simulations of ice sheet flow and sensitivity to climate and forcings Simulate the flow of ice sheets across underlying surfaces and their sensitivity to changes in climate

Model the evolution of ice sheets such as Greenland and Antarctica. Understand the factors that control their evolution and and how they will contribute to sea level rise in the coming decades/centuries. This includes basal friction at the ice/bed interface, snow precipitation, temperature, etc.

Use the model to force changes in the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, and trace their contributions to sea level rise over decades and centuries. The changeable factors include snowfall, temperature, and friction between ice and Earth.

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Greenland Basal Friction Greenland Ice Sheet

This simulation of Greenland is the result of work carried out by the ISSM team for the SeaRISE experiments.

This simulation is based on the ISSM team's work on an assessment of ice sheet contributions to sea level rise, known as Sea-level Response to Ice Sheet Evolution (SeaRISE).